SlySoft releases AnyDVD HD beta

It seems that DRM just can't catch a break these days. First the all-important processing key required to unlock and decrypt HD-DVD and Blu-ray discs was discovered, now just days later comes news that the folks at SlySoft have updated their AnyDVD "backup" software utility to allow for "on the fly remastering" of HD DVD discs, although not Blu-ray discs. As you might expect, they aren't exactly spilling the details on exactly how they achieved this considerable feat, although those that have tried out the beta software are reporting that it works as advertised, with copying HD DVDs a matter of a simple drag and drop. While the software is available as a free beta download for now, SlySoft's existing AnyDVD software is far from free, meaning you'll likely have to fork over the same fifty bucks (or $100 for SlySoft's complete bundle of apps) for the new HD-ready version once they've gotten all the kinks worked out.

[Thanks, Oliver]