Jobo intros new photo storage, GPS devices

Jobo looks to be branching out from its trademark Giga Vu line of photo viewer/storage devices, today announcing the Spectator mobile storage device and photoGPS accessory for digital cameras. While the company seems to holding out on most of the details until the official debut at the PMA 07 trade show in Vegas next month, the Spectator appears to be slightly less of an all-purpose device than the company's various Giga Vu offerings, with no mention of PMP features and a considerably smaller screen. It will, however, hold plenty of photos -- available in 40, 80, and 120GB versions for €249, €299, and €379, respectively (or about $330, $390, and $500). Taking a cue from some earlier, less discreet devices, the photoGPS promises to let you tag all your photos with GPS data as you take 'em, conveniently adding the location information to the photo's EXIF file. From the sound of it, the device (pictured after the break) will also apparently work with any digital camera, although that'll undoubtedly be cleared up at PMA 07 as well. What is clear now is the price, with the photoGPS set to demand €149 (or just under $200) when it's released this summer.