SmartShopper prints out your shopping list using voice recognition

Don't you just hate shopping for groceries? Being around other people, having to spend time thinking about what you want to buy, and the inevitable "shopping hangover" caused by the later realization that you bought a dozen things you don't need or want: yuck. A lot of people head online for their shopping (where else can you read Engadget while you order loo roll?), but for those who prefer to take their cash into the real world, there's now a solution that could prevent the likelihood of encountering one of those aforementioned shopping hangovers: SmartShopper is a device that can convert a spoken shopping list into a printout to carry around in your wallet or purse. Just mount the SmartShopper on your fridge using the magnet, start waxing lyrical about apples and oranges -- don't worry, your neighbors already think you're crazy -- and the little gray box will neatly print all your choices onto a little piece of paper. At $149, the SmartShopper is on the low end ofsmart fridge solutions, but at least you can feel safe knowing that its limited artificial intelligence prevents it from sticking "5 kg of Soylent Green" on your list.

[Via The Raw Feed]