Samsung prepping RFID-enabled refrigerator

Sure, there's always that heated debate over whether or not RFID use in our everyday lives is beneficial or voyeuristic, but Samsung's forthcoming refrigerator most certainly falls in the former category. No, it doesn't sport a built-in LCD monitor, automatic thawing, pizza nook, or an invisibility cloak, but it does manage to keep a close on the amount of food remaining in your refrigerated containers. Moreover, this eagle-eyed fridge will purportedly be able to send a shopping list the owner's cellphone or directly to the supermarket when it detects your milk, juice, eggnog, or assortment of critical condiments are reaching dangerously low levels. As if this wasn't enough to lay down a pre-order, it will supposedly offer up recipes to users as well based on what's currently residing in your fridge. Of course, there's no (presumably lofty) pricetag attached to this pipedream just yet, but it is slated to hit retail floors "around 2008 or 2009," and maybe they'll enable it to physically visit the grocery store and shop for you in the meantime.

[Via textually]