22Moo intros 11+ new video eyewear products

While you risk onlookers pointing, staring, and occasionally tying your shoelaces together, wearing video glasses gives squinty eyes a rest and can really make the most of those small-screened devices. 22Moo has just released a slew of virtual viewers including the VG240, VG910, VG920, VG920D, PlayMate MMC, Argo, Argo+, Argo+Cinema, VG100K, and VG-350, simulating screens from 35-inches to a whopping 80-inches with the VGA VG920s, which can connect directly to the iPod Video and Zune. The Argo+ design is optimized for Wii gameplay while the VG-100Ks double as sunglasses -- an ideal choice if you're trying to avoid the Geordi La Forge look. These newbies look nearly identical to the last round, but at least the prices, at around $275, haven't shifted much either.