Samsung debuts "Cannes" plasma displays

Samsung is tossing in all the PR speak for these new Cannes plasma displays it's busting out. Terms like "Ultra DayLight," "Natural True Color," and "Real Motion Studio" are all well and good, but we're glad to see there are some specs to back 'em up. Both of the new PAVV Cannes displays boast a range of 1,000:1 to 15,000:1 contrast ratios, 18 bit color and blur-free image thanks to that "Real Motion" stuff. Samsung is generous with the sizes as well, offering up 42-inch, 50-inch and 63-inch displays. Unfortunately, while all of these TVs are designed around movies -- they're named after the Cannes Film Festival, after all -- only the 63-inch SPD-63P71FHD looks to support a full 1080p resolution. The SPD-42Q92HD and SPD-50Q92HD also-rans go for 2,100,000 won and 3,400,000 won, respectively ($2,239 and $3,624), while the 63-incher will run you a spankin' 9,000,000 won ($9,594). No word on when exactly these will be hitting the market.