TomTom ONE XL revealed by FCC

So it looks like TomTom is poised to release more than just the DUO docking unit in the near future, as the loose-lipped database at the FCC has revealed yet another new model that's bound to generate some excitement. All that's known about the so-called TomTom ONE XL so far is that it features a widescreen display considerably bigger than the 3.5-inch, 4:3 number found on the original ONE -- unfortunately for us, manufacturers aren't required to provide the FCC with an easy-to-read spec list. However, we can speculate that this wide-bodied will at least maintain the 32MB of RAM, SD slot, and Bluetooth support of its bretheren -- those last two are evident from the photos -- and that it will probably rock Navigator 6, TomTom's latest navigation software. That's all for now, so if you happen to be ordering an original ONE at the same time you're reading this, you might want to reconsider before you hit submit.

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