LG's KS20: Chocolate / Prada / whatever with WM6

As expected, this slick little Windows Mobile 6 Professional device could very well stand to be the first to benefit from LG's newfound relationship with Microsoft. Whether it'll get slapped with Prada branding remains to be seen, but the KS20's resemblance to its proprietary stablemate can't be overlooked; the Windows Mobile variant gets a thumb stick near the bottom in place of the KE850's buttons, but that's the only major change we see up front. The guts are just as pretty as the outside, too, with WiFi, Bluetooth, the obligatory microSD slot, HSDPA and (possibly) HSUPA, FM radio, TV out, and a 2 megapixel shooter. Needless to say, we're pulling for a radio that can suck down some American 3G, but we're not getting our hopes up. As soon as we catch wind of a release date, price, or any other solid 411, we'll pass it right along.

[Via Slashphone]