Asustek / Gigabyte call off joint venture

It's not uncommon to find two corporations with nothing better to do than join forces and fight the world together, but even we didn't expect the joint venture between Asustek and Gigabyte to be so short lived. Just seven months after the honeymoon began, the two have agreed to break off the partnership due to "confusion of clients and suppliers, together with the changes of both internal and external factors," which honestly doesn't tell us a whole lot. Nevertheless, both firms seem to agree that "the necessity of forming the joint venture is no longer as strong as expected," and while a bitter breakup would've been so much more fun for everyone not directly involved, Asus is actually being exempted from penalties relating to the separation, further proving that this decision actually does seem mutual in nature. Notably, the Gigabyte United spinoff seems to still be on track, but unless we see yet another change of heart, the original partnership is officially dead.

[Via Inquirer]