LG launches eight new flat screens

Who wants a flat screen hanging on the wall made out of plastic? Seriously, how tacky would that look next your craftsman-style wood trim and mantle? Well LG's got your back with two new flat screens decked out in classy, Italian wood, and for the 'traditionalists' out there, six models made out of the plastic stuff. Deets are a bit sketchy right now, but we do know that the two with wood trim are both 60-inch 1080p plasmas (60PT1DRW / 60PT1DRA) with a price tag of ???9,900,000 ($10,500). The other sets include a 37- (37LB5DR) and 42-inch (42LB3D) LCD, a 42- (42PB4DR) and 50-inch (50PB4DR) plasma and 32- (32LB3D) and 42-inch (42LB5DR) LCD with LG's propriety DVR system. Prices start out at ???2,100,000 ($2,240) for the 37-inch and for the ???2,600,000 ($2,773) 42-inch LCD; ???2,300,000 ($2,453) and ???4,500,000 ($3,733) for the 42- and 50-inch PDP; along with ???1,700,000 ($1,813) and ???2,500,000 ($2,666) for the 42-/32-inch DVR-enabled LCD. The jury is still out though if it would be more cost effective to have one of those custom wood frames made for our current plasma. Oh well, it's just an excuse to buy another plasma.