Best DIY arcade stick evar! (it's wireless)

We've seen some pretty nifty do-it-yourself controllers here at X3F, ranging from ugly but functional Saturn controllers to massive arcade sticks, but this one takes the taco. The stick was created by DH020, whom we're assuming is a big Street Fighter fan. The stick was created with top quality arcade parts and the guts of an Xbox 360 wireless controller. Yes, it was created with a wireless controller, and yes, the stick is wireless. It even has a USB plug built into the back so that the stick can be charged via the internal Play and Charge kit. It even has a headset jack. Simply put, the thing is freakin' sweet. Check out the guts of the beast and a video of it in action after the break.

See? It's so simple a 5-year-old could do it!

So, who wants one?

[Thanks, Cowdisease]