Asustek's XG Station ripped apart

It appears that, like many of you, the folks at 4Gamer were skeptical of Asustek's claim to bring high-end graphics capabilities to any ExpressCard-equipped laptop with its XG Station rig. So, like any reasonable person, they decided to rip into the device to see just what's going on. As you can see above, they did indeed find a full-size PCI Express graphics card packed inside -- an Nvidia GeForce 7900 GS, specifically (just one of the options available) -- which itself is mounted on board with a readily accessible PCI-E slot. That would seem to at least open up the possibility of replacing the card down the line, even if you can't just buy a barebones unit right off the bat. Unfortunately, there's still no word on pricing or availability, so it looks like you'll have to live with those integrated graphics for a little while longer.

[Via The Inquirer]