Say it ain't so: O2 kills Xda Zinc

It's not terribly often that we're here to tell a sob story about a European carrier killing off a hotly-anticipated handset prior to release, but alas, it does seem to happen from time to time. Such is the case here, where O2 first delayed the ASUS-supplied Xda Zinc -- a rather delicious Windows Mobile QWERTY slider, if we do say so ourselves, replete with 3G data -- and now has apparently deep-sixed it entirely, claiming it wasn't up to snuff with its "testing requirements." To be fair, O2's Xda line of Windows Mobile-based devices is deep and wide enough to accommodate nearly any user's needs, Zinc or no, so we're not going to be sending any flowers or cards expressing our condolences. If anything, ASUS might be the one needing consolation here, with the Zinc possibly proving to be a breakout handset for the company in Europe's white-hot smartphone market.