Xbox 360's QWERTY thumboard in the wild

If you're one of the few large-handed gamers out there still pining for the bulk-tastic days of the original Xbox controller, then you're sure to have a great time with Microsoft's new "Text Input Device" QWERTY thumb keyboard add-on. The bulk of the TID is all at the base, so it shouldn't be a deal breaker for the small handed, but we'll have to get this in hand to know just how ergonomic it's going to be to type with. An anonymous tipster, who spotted this before it went official, had these encouraging words to say: "The thumboard beats the hell out of the one on my BlackJack, and once they let me play with it I didn't want to put it down." We wouldn't really say TID vs. BlackJack is the ultimate comparison, but it at least sounds like the tipster had a good time. A flickr set from Microsoft's Gamerscore Blog has some solid shots of the TID, which you can find at that fancy little read link below.

[Via Gamerscore Blog]