TomTom's latest RIDER GPS unit gets official

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Donald Melanson
April 11th, 2007
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TomTom's latest RIDER GPS unit gets official
TomTom's launch of its latest RIDER GPS unit for motorcycles hasn't exactly gone as planned, with some pictures but not a lot of details leaking out last week. It looks like the company's now gotten things in order, however, making the new and improved device official and providing some details about it. Among the additions this time around is a new Cardo scala-rider Bluetooth headset that'll relay directions straight to your helmet, as well as a new RAM mount that should let you use the unit with just about any motorcycle. You'll also now be able to bring the RIDER's GPS guidance along with you in your car, although you'll have to drop more than $100 extra for that convenience. Look for this one to hit Europe by the end of May in both Western Europe-wide and U.K/Irelend-specific models for between £300 and £400 (approx. $590- $790).

[Via NaviGadget]
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