TEAC's bone conducting HP-F100 headphones

TEAC's latest headphones may not sport the sexiest of designs, but the HP-F100s do tout the always-fun bone conducting abilities. Aside from delivering frequencies from 25Hz to 25kHz, the phones also come with a "personal amplifier" (shown after the break) that cranks out .76-watts to each channel, and will reportedly last around 10-hours without needing another cell. Additionally, the foldable earphones weigh in at about 120-grams, and while the "aerial vibration" won't exactly rattle your skull, it could make your listening a bit more full nonetheless. Of course, we don't expect these to land on US shores without a little help from your favorite importer, but you can reportedly snag these later this month in Japan for a stiff ¥52,500 ($440).

[Via Impress]