Amazon's Kindle: $400 for spring?

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Thomas Ricker
April 20, 2007 1:26 PM
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Amazon's Kindle: $400 for spring?
After making a dramatic FCC-leaked first appearance, we've heard zilch about Amazon's Kindle e-book reader. Word on the street is that Amazon has been pre-viewing its e-reader to publishers in the US and UK for months now. More importantly, those who have used it say it's a "step up" from the Sony Reader, offering better functionality and "a first rate e-commerce option" thanks in part to the device's built-in EV-DO data capability. Publishers Weekly says that the device is expected to launch "above $400" as early as spring. Judging by The City's revived scent of reheated bodily fluids, that could be any day now.

[Via MobileRead]
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