Undertow: underwater Battlefield in 2D

When thinking up Xbox Live Arcade games, an underwater, two-dimensional game of Battlefield isn't on the top of the list. No, mostly we think of retro titles and simple action affairs. However, if Chair Entertainment has anything to say about it, Undertow could change that. IGN got a chance to preview the game and came away impressed. Set in a future where the earth is entirely underwater, Undertow plays much like Geometry Wars. The left stick controls movement and the right stick fires and aims weapons. Undertow is more than an arcade style shooter, though. It adds a team-based dynamic into the mix, requiring teams to capture bases. Bases are captured much as they are in Battlefield. Players must hover near them for a certain amount of time. The first team to capture all bases (or force the opposing team to drain their reserves) wins. The game has three factions from which to choose: the Atlantians (merpeople), Nemodians (think 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) and the Iron Marines (the normal human faction). There are several classes, ranging from light and nimble to slow and powerful. Coupled with nice graphics, interesting map design, a single-player campaign, and 16-player online multiplayer, Undertow could be making quite a splash when it releases (sorry, we couldn't resist).