AT&T gets ExpressCard, USB modems

As expected, AT&T has launched the GT Max 3.6 Express from Option to satisfy the needs of the many, many road warriors toting nothing more than an ExpressCard slot to satisfy their 3G data needs. Tragically, the ExpressCard/34 device isn't being shipped with Mac OS support out of the box, though Option touts Apple compatibility and we're pretty confident that determined MacBook Pro owners will have little or no issue getting it up and running. Another intriguing option for laptop data, the Sierra Wireless 875U, hooks up to the USB port of your choice; like the Option, AT&T's only supporting Windows at the moment even though Mac OS drivers exist for the device. Get the GT Max 3.6 Express now for a penny shy of $50 on contract after rebates -- pricing hasn't been announced for the 875U just yet, but it'll be available in "early May," so we don't have terribly long to wait.

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