Buying Gears of War achievements isn't cheap

Yesterday, five new Gears of War COG tag location strategy videos were uploaded to the XBLM for your viewing pleasure. But before you make your way to download the videos you should know they'll cost you money. Yes, Brady Games is happy to help you find those COG tags, but is charging 100 Microsoft points per GoW act. Running that through our fanboy calculator, that works out to be exactly 500 Microsoft points ($6.25 US) for five videos.

True, it can be frustrating trying to find the last few tags, but please be strong and do not resort to purchasing these videos. There are plenty of free resources on the internet if you are having trouble locating those darn COG tags. Heck, all the COG tag location information you'll ever need is located here. So, go here, don't buy this, and earn these. Friends helping friends, that's what it's all about.