Gears of War movie script leaked

The sneaky lads over at have unearthed the first twenty two pages of our Gears of War movie script. The website, known for posting legit movie scripts prior to their release, summarized the leaked GoW movie script in full detail. And it's weird that since the movie's announcement all we've wanted is more information, any information on the movie. But now that the first twenty two pages have been leaked and are ready to read, we just cannot look at it. Call us wusses, call us babies, but we don't want to spoil the enjoyment we'll feel when we see Gears on the big screen and watching the story unfold for the first time. Nope, we refuse to taint our Gears movie fun, but if you're daring enough to read all the juicy details by all means go ahead. We're just crazy anal about things like that.

[Thanks, Machiavelli 420]