Welcome to Hidden Fronts, we'll be your guide

TeamXbox received some celebrity treatment the other day when they got some hands on time with Gears of War's latest multiplayer maps from the Hidden Fronts map pack. And it's safe to say they were impressed. The guys played in Microsoft's test lab against a few mysterious game testers, getting a feel for the maps, and getting pwned in the process. A quick recap of their impressions are as follows; Garden features dense vegetation and green clouds of pesticide that'll kill you, but can be shut off via a control panel. Bullet Marsh is dark, very dark, and if the generator is turned off the map will get even darker and the Kryll will attack to kill. Process is chalk full of vertical elevation shifts, catwalks, and pipes ... a long distance killing machine's dream. Finally, Subway features multiple levels of fun, empty subway cars, beautiful rays of light, and dirty floors. Make the jump for TeamXbox's full impressions and be sure to check out GoW's Hidden Fronts map pack, available tomorrow for 800 Microsoft points.

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