Breakfast topic: Can I have your stuff?

Let's face it, one day we're all going to stop playing World of Warcraft. Sure, maybe that day is later for some of us than others (the phrase "pry it out of my cold, dead hands" comes to mind), but whether it's to a new game, a new relationship, or any of a multitude of reasons, our time with WoW will come to a close.

What I'm curious about is what you all plan on doing when you go. Will you give away all your hard earned loot, or maybe even your account? Will you make a video of removing all your gear and deleting your toon? Will you just let it expire and sit on a shelf somewhere?

I've seen people in my guild leave the game before, but more often than not they come back to it after a few months. I've never actually known anyone to do anything shocking, or give away large sums of gold. Well, there was that one guildie near the end of beta who gave me 20g, but that doesn't count.

Share your personal vision of what you want to happen when you leave WoW, and any stories you may have of people who've left the game and what they did, in the comments below.