First look at GoW's Hidden Fronts map pack

Still on the fence and not sure if you want to spend 800 Microsoft points on the new Gears of War Hidden Fronts map pack? Well, we fully understand your dilemma and thought we'd help out our fellow fanboys. Not only did we plop down the cash to buy the map pack, but we thought we'd pull back the secret curtain. Yup, we recorded a quick and dirty video of each map and showcased their uniqueness to give you a taste of what Hidden Fronts has to offer. And, as an added bonus, the video features informative (and somewhat creative) commentary by yours truly. But before you start mocking our lovely video you must know this is our first foray into such a project. Energy drinks were consumed, there was a bunch of swearing, recording, editing, recording, re-editing, and swearing ... but we survived. So, give it a watch, get a taste of the new Gears maps, and see if they are worth the 800 Microsoft points. Enjoy.

[Thanks, Grotesque1 for helping with the vid]