Caption contest: J Allard / N'Gai Croal mashup

So the story goes that Microsoft's bald J Allard and Newsweek's bedredlocked N'Gai Croal are at dinner together, and they make a bet: if the PSP sold 10m units faster than did the PS2, Allard has to dress up like N'Gai (during his next E3 keynote, which never came); if not, J gets to shave N'Gai's head. Guess who won. Not that we think of ourselves as particularly cruel, but surely we can't be expected to let this one go without a caption contest, can we?

Evan: "After that unfortunate night with the Rastafarian gamers, Allard swore off marijuana forever."
Ryan: "Headline: J Allard hired to manage Weird Al's White & Nerdy tour."
Don: "You mean it doesn't cost an extra $100 to add WiFi to this thing?" [Snap! -Ed.]
Paul: "Yeah, but does this come in Simpsons yellow?"
Ross: "Behold the Zune Elite. Now with HD-UMD and minoxidil."