iPods now linked to pacemaker malfunction?

What's a 17 year old doing presenting a study before a gathering of heart specialists? Why, drawing the connection between iPods and heart implants, of course. According to student Jay Thaker, the findings of his study showed that of 100 installed pacemakers, electrical interference was detected 50% of the time when an iPod was held at a distance of 2-inches from the chest for 5-10 seconds. We'd really liked to have been there to see him try and pitch this study of his to the variety of seniors with heart problems who participated (they averaged 77 years of age), but don't get alarmed, we have a feeling your grandparents -- who've probably never even heard of that newfangled iPoddie doohickie -- won't find out first hand whether this is the real deal.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in, photo via Rositress]