TUAW Tip: Desktopple Pro can hide idle apps

Some utilities stick to doing one thing and one thing well, while others incorporate a number of related features for those who need a little more umph. Desktopple Pro is just such a utility. As we've mentioned before, Desktopple Pro is a powerful app that helps neat-freaks and podcasters alike to hide their desktop icons and display custom wallpapers either at the click of a mouse, or even automatically when starting some apps. What many (potential) users don't know, however, is that it can also automatically hide apps that are sitting idle in the background of your workspace, depending on a user-specified time limit. This means that some users of other similar apps that are designed specifically to perform this one chore - like Spirited Away and Shoo Apps - might be able to remove one more task from Activity Monitor, as Desktopple Pro has you covered.

A 15-day demo of Desktopple Pro is available, as is a free Desktopple Lite for those who only need some of the basics. A single license for Desktopple Pro sells for a mere $17.