PGR screenshot used to promote PS3 ... again

For the second time this year, an image from Bizarre Creations' Microsoft exclusive Project Gotham Racing series found its way into a Sony promotion. On a Spanish internet ad for both Kia Motors and the PlayStation 3, a virtual Kia car with a PGR license plate could be clearly observed in a scene where the virtual and real car kept fading into one another. Though it has since been fixed, CVG managed to capture the incident.

Previously, a PGR3 render had been used by Sony to promote Gran Turismo: HD on Sony's official PSP Connect site. As CVG suggested, we don't blame Sony for this ad blunder -- more likely the err came from Kia's camp. Shame on Kia, though, for realizing that this image obviously isn't "True HD"; that should've been the first red flag that something is amiss.