Internal Jobsnote reveals new iPods, Macs

In the same town-hall session where he announced that every Apple employee would be getting a free 8GB iPhone, Steve Jobs discussed his thoughts and plans for the company's latest device, talked about new Mac systems and iPods on the way, and detailed the ever-broadening business model of Apple. Jobs opened the meeting by expanding on his previous praise for the iPhone, equating its release to that of the original Mac, and saying that its creation was borne out of frustration with current phone technology. During the company-wide discussion, Jobs noted that Apple currently had a "two leg" business (Mac hardware and the iPod/iTunes union), which would be expanded with the "third leg" of the iPhone (he hinted that Apple TV would be the fourth, though current efforts were focused on the iPhone). He went on to talk about the new Macs, which he described in typical Jobs-ian fashion as "off the charts" and "the best Macs ever", and mentioned new OS X-based iPods that the company was working on (widescreen/touchscreen, perhaps?). Jobs fielded questions as well, included the oft-repeated "why EDGE?", which he answered by saying that the technology is more pervasive, and less power hungry than 3G, although he forgot to mention that it's also much, much slower. Jobs apparently wrapped things up by messianically telling employees that they would "tell their grandchildren" that they were at Apple when the iPhone was launched and that it was, "worth the sacrifice". Okay, Steve.