Blu-ray won't be obsolete in 2007


There is something about the latest technology that makes people love to use the word obsolete. The new iPhone makes the iPod obsolete, the latest Core 2 Dou makes the old one obsolete, but most of the time these devices are just as useful as they were when they were released -- and certainly still "in use." In October, when the BD Profile 1.1 is mandated by the BDA, all the current players will be every bit as useful as they are today. Sure it would've been great if Blu-ray was actually ready (no it's still not ready now) when HD DVD was, but who wants them to stop adding features now? Sure it sucks when you pay $1000 for something only to have it replaced with a faster, better model less than a year later for half the price, but come on, obsolete? Knowing all this, we'd still rather buy now and enjoy HD movies than wait till all the bugs are worked out, 'cause we all know that'll probably never happen.