Minnie Driver to voice animated Lara Croft

We have a very serious question regarding this particular news item. What happens when you put Minnie Driver into a Mini Cooper S? Would the unusual occurrence of a famous Driver becoming a Mini driver release an unstoppable explosion of meta-energy, forcing the entire universe to infinitely collapse in on itself? We're not sure if anybody has tested this theory, but the more likely outcome would be Ms. Minnie running us over for childishly poking fun at her name and wasting an entire paragraph before talking about her latest role.


The gist of it, you see, is that GameTap's upcoming ReVision animated series, which initially chronicles the adventures of one Lara Croft, is set to become a star vehicle of sorts for Minnie Driver. Reuters reports the actress and occasional singer will lend her voice to Tomb Raider's gun-toting heroine for ten episodes, the first three of which will come from Aeon Flux alum, Peter Chung. Further episodes will have other artists interpreting the iconic action archaeologist, while future seasons of ReVision will delve into other characters and games.

[Via Tomb Raider Chronicles]