Gears of War soundtrack drops July 31st

Gears fanboys will be excited to know that the sweet, sweet sounds of our beloved Gears of War will soon be lovingly lasered onto a piece of media plastic. The official Gears of War Soundtrack was announced yesterday and will hit major retailers and be available online July 31st. The CD will feature 28 musical tracks that will chronologically take listeners through Gears' campaign and feature the Northwest Symphonia orchestra. Think of the soundtrack as a musical version of the whole "destroyed beauty" motif. Complete list of all 28 tracks are viewable after the break including our favorites "I Will Kryll You" and "Running With Boomers".

Track Listing
01 Gears of War
02 14 Years After E-Day
03 Jacinto Prison
04 Attack of the Drones
05 Embry Square
06 Fish in a Barrel
07 House of Sovereigns
08 Minh's Death
09 Entering the Tombs
10 Tomb of the Unknowns
11 Ephyra Streets I
12 Ephyra Streets II
13 Miserable Wretches
14 Stay in the Light
15 Chap's Gas Station
16 Fill 'er Up at Chap's
17 I Will Kryll You
18 Locust, Wretches & Kryll
19 Imulsion Mines
20 East Barracade Academy
21 The Fenix Estate
22 Locust Infestation
23 Hidden Lab
24 Running With Boomers
25 Oh the Horror
26 Train Wreck - Locust Theme
27 Train Ride to Hell
28 Gears of War Reprise

[Thanks, L1B3RATION]