RIAA wants -- surprise -- DRM on all digital radio

And we thought these folks claiming that random electrical / WiFi / RF waves could turn you into a toad were off-kilter. Recently, a push has reportedly been going on in content guardian circles which would force anti-stream-ripping DRM software to be latched onto internet radio feeds everywhere, presumably to combat the elusive cash-stealing epidemic going on across the globe. As you'll recall, the RIAA has already demanded that XM-Sirius pay higher royalty rates because of (wait, we're still searching), but thankfully, the Digital Freedom Campaign stepped into action and proclaimed that "requiring webcasters to implement mandatory DRM technologies to prevent any personal recording of internet radio streams is an imposition on both webcasters and consumers." 'Course, this statement came after Mitch Glazier (of the RIAA) purportedly stated that there was no need to wait until the aforementioned ripping became "a big problem to start addressing it," insinuating that we should all just blindly deal with another restriction regardless if there's actually a problem that needs to be solved. Interesting logic, indeed.

[Via CreateDigitalMusic]