Is this the new iMac keyboard?

See that? That's the rumored, "super slim," brushed aluminum keyboard said to be accompanying Apple's new iMac computer. It certainly appears to share the key design of the MacBook like we heard but seeing "Photoshop" in the exif data doesn't give us a high degree of confidence here. Regardless, a forum jockey over at the Rhapsody Apple forum in Hong Kong will sell you the keyboard (s/he has more than one) for 1,200 of the local stuff or about $153.40. Word to the wise, the consensus amongst rumor sites shows the new iMac coming as early as August 7th so you might want to hold onto that wad for a few more days to see what happens. We've got a bigger version of that image above along with the Apple development team sticker reportedly affixed to the backside of the unit in the gallery below.

Update: Full-sized image (and plenty more) just received from our tipster. You know, we 're starting to believe that this is the real deal. But did they really remove the Apple logo from the command key?

[Thanks, Hacken L.]