Palm Centro: Palm's next Treo, er, smartphone

You didn't really think it was going to be called the Gandalf, did you? Palm's next smartphone is the, wait for it, "Centro"; Palm's apparently not calling it a Treo (it was presented to us as the Palm Centro, not the Palm Treo Centro, or the Treo 800), and isn't yet showing off any images of it (for those you've got Engadget Mobile). But we did learn Palm showed it off at a Sprint media summit, and they outlined these features:

  • "Smallest Palm OS smartphone to date

  • Targeting a younger demographic, new to the smartphone space

  • Runs on EVDO network

  • New design features a full keyboard and touch screen"

Wow, a phone with a keyboard and a touchscreen! What will they think of next?

Oh, it sounds like GearLog was there to check it out: no surprise, they mentioned the keyboard is "infinitesimal... impossible to type on this thing with two thumbs". Score. It'll also supposedly go for $99, and Sprint will have 90 days exclusivity.

However! It does look like the version they played with (probably the one above) isn't the "adult-sized" model we've also seen online, which shares many of the same design cues but appears to be larger, has a horizontally oriented display, and runs Windows Mobile.