AT&T crippling BlackBerry 8820's GPS, too?

If the rumor mill pans out, the upcoming BlackBerry 8820 stands to be a bottomless piggy bank for AT&T. Why? First we heard that the device's WiFi capability would be unusable without an EDGE data plan -- despite the fact that there's absolutely no reasonable correlation between the two -- and now we're hearing that its GPS service may suffer a similar fate. Boy Genius Report is saying that the 8820's navigation capabilities will be usable only with TeleNav at a cost of $9.99 per month. Don't get us wrong, TeleNav gets the job done, but why can't any app we choose tap into the GPS signal? The phone isn't out yet (the latest intel suggests September) so we'll withhold judgment until then, but please, AT&T, we beg of you: let us use our hardware however we choose.