Valve staffer: Modders setting bar too high

There have historically been few companies more supportive of the modding scene than Valve. Now, in a new interview with ShackNews, two Valve designers are giving advice to what many perceive to be an ailing mod community. John Morello, an animate and designer at the company, insists that the problem stems from modders thinking too big.

"Mod developers are setting the bar higher than people require--a fun game is a fun game," he said. "I honestly don't think the community is setting the higher standards as much as the mod developers themselves." While that may be true, when Morello begins talking about the Team Fortress 2 design crew being comprised almost entirely of former modders, one can't help but wonder if the mod scene might in some way also be suffering from its best and brightest being recruited away. What do you think? Have you downloaded a good mod recently? Have you ever tried to make one yourself?