BTO's PlusDeck EX could save your marriage

Nothing sets an aging geek's pulse to pounding like the marriage of old and new with lots of buttons and a big ol' knob. Korea's BTO knows this, and offers up their PlusDeck EX as followup to their PlusDeck 2. They share the ability to convert your digital MP3s to cassette tape (and visa versa) while tossing in some crazy-luxurious 7.1ch surround, LCD control, 3.5-mm and RCA inputs (among others), AM/FM tuner and remote on top of the USB interface. Announced a few weeks ago, shipping now in Korea for ???319,000 or about $340. Yeah, we know, but just think of the points you'll score from your gen-x or boomer-spouse when you present them with a mix-tape, 21st century style. Crazy... like a fox.

[via Akihabara News]