Palm Treo 500v hits FCC via Asus

Historically, Palm's had manufacturing relationships with HTC, Foxconn, and Inventec for its Treo line, but it seems they've turned to Asus for the Treo 500 series. How do we know? The FCC tells us so via the device's filing from one ASUSTek Computer Inc. of Taipei, Taiwan. We can understand shying away from HTC -- maintaining a meaningful business relationship with a company that's whipping your butt competitively can be awkward at best -- but we can't help but wonder what led Palm to turn to an entirely fresh ODM relationship this time around. Was it looking to inject some fresh insight for the 500's creation, or did the order simply go to the lowest bidder? Of course, none of this changes the fact that the handset's me-too design and pedestrian feature set arguably leaves it at a competitive disadvantage before it's even released, but at least we can toss a little sliver of that blame Asus' way this time around.