Microsoft's Zune 2 just around the corner?

Don't go betting the farm or anything, but "according to sources close to the situation," Microsoft will be unveiling the second-generation of Zune players come Tuesday. Apparently, Mr. Gates and J Allard will be attending the shindig, and it sounds like both the "thinner" HDD-based Zune and the flash-based Zune will indeed be launched. The overall design of the HDD Zune isn't set to change all that much, but the 3- x 1.25-inch flash Zunes "are said to look much like the iPod nano," and they should include video playback capabilities and larger storage capacities than "competing products." As expected, Redmond wouldn't respond to the hunches, but if these rumors prove true, we could see the new flock of Zunes hit shelves "this November."

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]