Niklas Zennstrom resigns as Skype's CEO

Niklas Zennström, who we had the pleasure of sitting down with nearly three years ago for an interview, is officially stepping down as CEO of Skype. Reportedly, he will now become the non-executive chairman of the Skype Board of Directors, and while searching for a "permanent successor," eBay's Chief Strategy Officer (Michael van Swaaij) will take the reigns as acting CEO. Additionally, "Henry Gomez, Skype's President, who remained a Senior Vice President at eBay during his two-year tenure at Skype, will return to eBay as Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs." Lastly, eBay also made known that it has paid out €375 million (around $530 million) "to settle all of its future obligations under the earn-out agreement signed with certain Skype shareholders when eBay acquired Skype in 2005."

[Thanks, Randall B.]