iPhone v1.1.1 baseband downgrade released

For those following this stuff religiously: the iPhone "Elite" Team has released a method to downgrade the baseband on v1.1.1 iPhones. Ok, that basically means if you accidentally disabled the phone end of your iPhone with anySIM or iUnlock during the upgrade (or just decided v1.0.2 is where it's at), now you can revert to the last working version and restore order to your iPhone's wayward cell radio. Right, for free without paying iPhoneSimFree a cent for their unbricking solution. Alright, maybe you don't care about any of this stuff -- honestly, we don't blame you. Anyway, it's out there, so for those in the crowd who've been waiting for this -- and judging by our tips, that's a lot of you -- enjoy.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]