Sony rekindles rumors of PSP phone

It's been a hot minute since we've heard any marginally believable chatter surrounding the so-called PSP phone, but the idea of such a device has been given new life thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment co-chief operating officer Jim Ryan. Apparently, Mr. Ryan told the India Times that the "PlayStation is a proven success and so is Sony Ericsson," and that "convergence with the two arms working together is definitely plausible." Granted, he did note that it could be quite some time before such a device would see the market, and that if indeed it did, it would likely resemble a handheld gaming system with a phone blended in and not vice-versa. So yeah, we're not really any closer to knowing whether this thing truly is somewhere in the pipeline, but here's to hoping that we don't have to wait another year or so to find out more.

[Via Stuff]