Creative finally confirms 32GB Zen

Like we needed any more confirmation, but Creative has finally put an end to any remaining incredulity on our part by posting a press release with all the sordid details of its new 32GB Zen. We're not really used to "world firsts" from Creative in the DAP space, but the doubling in capacity over competing flash-based players certainly qualifies as one -- though Sansa seems to be hot on Creative's heels. The Zen is otherwise the same as its 4GB, 8GB and 16GB siblings, including that SD card slot for expansion should 32GB prove limiting for you. The new player will be available mid-December in Singapore for S$549.00 (about $380 US), and there's no word on release dates for Europe or the States. Get ready to import!

Update: Friendly tipster Justin R. pointed out that you can indeed pre-order the 32GB Zen from Creative's US store for a mere $329.

[Thanks, Rene]