Downloading videos from Stage6

Stage6 is widely known amongst DivX fans as one of the best places to get high quality streaming DivX video. Unfortunately, the site isn't compatible with the PS3 ... or is it?

It is, so long as you're willing to fiddle around with the PS3's web browser a bit. Go to a Stage6 video you're interested in. For example, we've chosen the PS3's recent Universe of Entertainment ad. Edit the URL in your PS3 browser by pressing START.

URL displayed by browser:

To download this DivX file to your DivX-enabled PS3, you're going to have to edit the video as such:

That's it! Press START, and your PS3 will start downloading the DivX file directly to your hard drive. You can do this with any video on Stage6. All you have to do is follow this formula:

Any other information is unnecessary! This only takes a few seconds, and you'll have high quality DivX files any time you wish.