MWG shows first new phones in post-O2 era

After O2 dropped its Southeast Asian outpost at the side of the road, we weren't terribly sure whether it'd be able to flourish -- let alone survive -- without the mothership's lifeline. Turns out they're at least giving it the old college try, though, with new models appropriately dubbed "Zinc II" and "Atom V" (notice that the "Xda" branding of old has left the building). We know this courtesy of Expansys' Hong Kong outpost, which has done us all a favor by posting preorder pages for both devices; we only have renderings at this point, but they look pretty legit and realistic. Both devices feature quadband GSM and triband HSDPA (nice!), 256MB of ROM and 64MB of RAM, integrated FM radio, WiFi, and GPS. The Atom V is the slightly higher end of the two -- despite a slightly lower price -- thanks to a 3 megapixel cam around back (versus 2 for the Zinc II) and an Intel core clocked 20MHz higher than the Zinc II's Samsung silicon, though the Zinc II should win some hearts and minds with its semi-automatic sliding QWERTY pad. If Expansys is to be believed, the Atom V will run HK$4,775 (about $612) while the Zinc II will set you back HK$5,305 (about $680) when they're available.

[Via the::unwired and MoDaCo]

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