Hands-on with the 3G Neonode N2.5... yes, N2.5

While most of the US is just getting their first glimpse of the Neonode N2, we've got the Neonode N2.5 for you dear readers. We were assured that this engineering prototype features a heftier battery to offset complaints raised by N2 owners. The other complaint -- lack of 3G data -- is also solved. It will also feature A2DP-enabled Bluetooth 2.1 (yes, 2.1) when its ships (no time specified) and a big fat 3G radio of unspecified type. Thing is, this time, the N2.5 is specifically targeted at the US market with Neonde already starting to sort through the carrier quagmire in order to bring it to market. WiFi? Maybe, that all depends upon the carrier's demands. Other than those changes, it features the same UI and touch screen technology of the tiny N2 which is fine by us. The only question now is how consumers react to it's new chubby profile.

Update: Neonode wants us to remind you that this is a prototype design. As such, you can expect revisions (particularly after they read your comments).