Microsoft and Dell see (PRODUCT) RED

Confirmed details are scant, but Microsoft's Nick White over at the official Windows Vista blog says that Windows and Dell with introduce (PRODUCT) RED "products" later this week. Rumor has it that Dell will ship an XPS One all-in-one, XPS M1330 and XPS 1530 laptops (already available in plain ol' red), and even a Dell 948 AIO printer in fancy RED editions. Besides the paint, the PCs will feature a special edition of Vista Ultimate with -- you guessed it -- a RED-themed desktop and sidebar gadgets. Perhaps best of all, Dell and Microsoft will donate $80 from the purchase of a RED XPS One, $50 from each RED laptop, and $5 from each printer directly to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa at no additional cost to you. However, let's wait for the official details before the back patting gets out of control.

[Via istartedsomething, thanks Long Z.]