Taking training to a fashionable new level

First, you had to learn to walk. Now Japanese training games are taking things to a new level -- they're teaching you how to dress. That's right, folks. Now you can relive your earliest formative years, all thanks to the DS. We're also looking forward to future titles like Solid Food Training, Don't Throw The Cheerios Training, and We Don't Use That Word Ever, Even Though Mommy Does Training.

Epic chuckles aside, Mitame Kara Yomikaeru ~ Otona No Kikonashi Training isn't really about figuring out how to work the zipper or which shoe goes on which foot, but rather focuses on dressing for success. The title focuses on fashion, coordinating parts of the outfit, and something about rubbing and rivals that we didn't pursue too deeply. Sometimes it's better just to raise an eyebrow at the automatic Japanese translations and move on.