Nokia's S60 touch UI gets demoed at MWC

Nokia confirmed yesterday that we'd be seeing touch-enabled S60 devices in the second half of the year, which instantly started speculation over what a form the UI might take, as we've seen some pretty wild concepts from the Finns in the past. Sadly, however, it looks like touch S60 is going be exactly what the name implies and not a speck more -- check out this demo video posted on the Nokia marketing blog. Sure, it's being demoed off a PC on a touch tablet and anything could change, but we'd say that Nokia's goal of keeping S60 essentially the same to avoid confusing consumers is a little misplaced -- this seems like a terrific opportunity to roll out a sexy new version of S60 with touch at the forefront and re-capture the interest of all those Symbian users, so simply glomming touch onto the existing UI seems like a cop-out. Let's hope things get a little swoopier when the first devices show up in a few months, eh? Video after the break.

[Via Boy Genius Report]